• May 22, 2024

Process mining giant Celonis recently embarked on a 10-city road show to demonstrate several new capabilities of its platform, including generative AI integration and a new way to model process data.

The Munich, Germany-based firm introduced what it is calling an Object-Centric Data Model, which provides users a single data representation of their entire business enabling them to model process data and draw insights from the data in a simpler way. It is an extension of the overall concept of object-centric process mining that the company introduced last year.

“Object-centric process mining allows users to easily navigate through processes based on real-life objects and events, and fully unleashes the power of process mining,” said Alex Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO at Celonis. “Customers can build and interact with their data more naturally, in a way they are already familiar with. With this new expanded data foundation, as well as the additional capabilities we are unveiling during this year’s World Tour, I am thrilled to show customers how Celonis provides them with unparalleled visibility, helps them disseminate process intelligence, and enables intelligent actions across the enterprise.”

The conversational interface driving object-centric process mining includes the integration of generative AI making it easier for non-technical users to interact with the platform and draw insights from their process data.

The tour has already made stops in Munich, Milan, San Francisco and Madrid. The tour hits Amsterdam on June 8 and continues on to Tokyo, New York, London, Paris and Chicago through the end of the month.