• July 21, 2024

RPA Today© is Now Automation Today℠!

When RPA Today© launched in late 2019, the AI revolution had barely begun. Since then, and especially in the last year, AI-driven technologies have become the norm across an enormous range of industries. Few spaces have felt AI’s impact as much as process automation. RPA and AI have combined to create an intelligent automation ecosystem that is more powerful and has more applications than ever.

While RPA Today has always covered the entirety of the software automation technology space, our team felt it was time our name reflected the industry’s evolution. In September, RPA Today will become Automation Today℠.

The changes in this dynamic industry are echoed in our readership. Over the course of just a few years we have watched subscribers in a dozen initial business categories explode into thousands of individuals representing more than 60 industry verticals consuming our content week after week.

Those readers and technology providers in the space understand how the industry has changed and they expect us to change with it. We intend to deliver by covering every aspect of AI-powered software automation and we will do it under the all-encompassing banner of Automation Today.

RPA is but one tool in the toolbox of developers automating business processes for an ever-expanding universe of end users. Automation Today will continue to provide our readers news and information on RPA, but we will also highlight the full range of automation technologies including AI, business process management, intelligent automation, natural language processing, process mining/process intelligence and more. We will also continue to cover people in the industry and how process automation is taking the public sector by storm.

We are excited for this new chapter and can’t wait to serve the software automation industry as Automation Today!

~Steven Casco
Founder & CEO
Automation Today