• June 15, 2024

Spending on RPA continues to accelerate, but businesses that don’t pair the technology with process intelligence are not getting all the return they can on the investments they’re making, according to a new white paper from ABBYY and RPA Today.

In our document, titled Reducing Blind Spots: Scale Your Organization’s RPA Program Faster With Process Intelligence, ABBYY notes that while the pandemic has driven global spending on RPA to nearly $2 billion annually, businesses do not have the visibility into their own processes necessary to get the most out of automation initiatives.

“How do you understand in advance what is worth automating—what will make it truly useful? How does an automated task affect the overall process it’s part of? The obvious answers,” according to Richard Rabin, product marketing manager for ABBYY Timeline, “are that, despite all the benefits of RPA, when you add it together with the ability to monitor, control, and understand the overall process the RPA bots are a part of, it results in a superior customer experience. Having that enhanced vision reduces risk, improves compliance, and allows you to optimize so many aspects of operational excellence.”

The white paper draws distinctions between process mining and process intelligence, explains how a more complete view of and control over your business processes can help scale automation efforts and gives real-world examples of how companies are evaluating process intelligence technology.

Visit ABBYY’s website to download a copy of the white paper.