• April 25, 2024

Headlines began blaring in 2022 about layoffs in the tech sector. According to layoffs.fyi, so far in 2023 more than 200,000 tech workers have succumbed to the whims of organizations retrenching and looking for opportunities to cut costs. For the automation space, however, it’s an opportunity. Because it streamlines workflows, eliminates manual tasks, and minimizes human error, intelligent automation software can lead directly to cost savings for organizations navigating an economic downturn.

As a relatively new technology, however, lack of automation expertise can be a barrier to businesses that want to take advantage of it. As a result, an ecosystem of intelligent automation service providers and consultants offering expertise and implementation assistance has sprung up and is rapidly expanding.

RPA Today has seen an expansion in the number of firms dedicated to providing advice and expertise to end users across a growing number of business verticals. In addition to the giants—familiar names like Accenture, EY, Gartner and PwC—we’ve been covering smaller entrants as well. Here is a list of articles end users can refer to that RPA has published recently, highlighting announcements from and news about services providers in the automation space.