• May 22, 2024

In recent years, the hyperautotmation movement has evolved to include a broad collection of processes and automation tools working in concert. One technology that has become indispensable is process mining.

But as good as process mining is at identifying and mapping processes, that intelligence does not translate directly into finished bots–an important step many organizations are either missing or taking at great expense using internal or external resources. But organizations are now able to integrate process mining insights into their digital transformation efforts in a simple and automated way using new technology: Process Refining for Automation (PRA).

To introduce this new tool, RPA Today has teamed up with Beecker CloudShore, which developed PRA, on a white paper explaining the technology and how it makes it easy for non-technical users to export and automatically transform the kind of insights previously only available in process mining tools into finished automations.

“Process mining produces data that can identify business processes that are good candidates for automation and can map those processes,” the authors of the white paper write. “Process refining takes those insights, combines them with business needs, strategic goals and hyperautomation concepts producing RPA bots and AI algorithms enabling organizations to proceed with automation in a directed, strategic way.”

Download a copy of the report here.