• April 13, 2024

San Jose, Calif.-based RPA provider Automation Anywhere recently announced a new version of its document processing solution that will enhance users’ ability to automate processes involving large amounts of documents. The company said the most recent update to IQ Bot will facilitate loan applications, insurance claims, purchase orders and other document-intensive processes.

“IDP is one of the fastest growing software categories, because it addresses a large unmet need that traditional document capture solutions were not addressing,” said Anil Vijayan, vice president at Texas-based consulting firm Everest Group. “With enhanced ability to understand ID documents and industry standard forms and the ability for developers to enhance extraction results using custom code, this new release from Automation Anywhere could greatly expand the type of business processes that can be automated end-to-end.”

The new version facilitates more user languages and enables extraction from identification documents such as passports and “industry standard documents for insurance, health claims and others.”