• June 20, 2024

For organizations of all sizes, how to return employees to physical offices, while simultaneously complying with different guidelines proffered by various federal, state and local government agencies is an incredibly complicated exercise. KPMG and Appian have partnered on a Workplace Reentry Digital Toolkit that the companies hope will enable users to work through the confusion that could result from that complexity.

Appian’s automation platform is one of the technologies underlying a framework KPMG has developed to enable companies to manage their workforce’s return to the office. The technology and framework give corporate leaders ways to tap medical, logistical and other information to maintain safety in a quickly changing physical environment.

“Workplace reentry requires a software solution,” said Marc Wilson, senior vice president of Global Partnerships and Industries at Appian. “Our alliance with KPMG allows us to work together to deliver KPMG’s Restarting America framework combined with the low-code automation software needed to rapidly collect extensive health and contact-tracing data. Together, we can bring all that data and analysis to bear rapidly in the case of possible outbreaks, so organizations can quickly coordinate responsive action.”

Download the PDF here