• June 20, 2024

Automation Anywhere, a prominent robotic process automation (RPA) software provider based in San Jose, Calif., this week announced it has acquired a French company whose technology will enable advances in attended automation.

In a statement, the RPA vendor said Paris-based Klevops has developed technology that will let multiple humans interact with RPA bots in ways that are not currently possible. While unattended automation is becoming the norm, Automation Anywhere believes the future of RPA is in attended automation. Currently, attended automation is restricted to one human interacting with one bot. The company says the acquisition of Klevops will eventually enable orchestration of workstreams across a team of human employees and bots.

“As the demand for RPA continues to increase across multiple industries, acquisitions like this one will be part of Automation Anywhere’s growth strategy as we continue to help solve customer pain points and automate a greater number of business processes,” said Peter Meechan, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Automation Anywhere. “Attended automation is typically triggered by a single person. The combined solution of Klevops and Automation Anywhere’s attended automation creates the industry’s first capability to enable bots driving actions with multiple human teams to coordinate their activities.”

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.