• June 20, 2024

RPA software provider Automation Anywhere revealed a new solution featuring integrated process mining making it easier to identify processes within an organization ripe for automation and generate bots for those processes. The company said its Discovery Bot uses AI to learn an organization’s processes then prioritize automation opportunities it discovers.

Process mining captures information from enterprise transaction systems and provides detailed—and data-driven—information about how key processes are performing. It analyzes event logs that show how work is actually happening—who did it, how long it takes, and if it deviates from normal. It then creates key performance indicators for the process, enabling a company to focus on concrete steps that will improve it. Being able to leverage an integrated process mining function within an RPA solution, according to Prince Kohli, CTO of Automation Anywhere, will make scaling automation programs easier.

“In 2020, RPA adoption continues to transcend other technologies as organizations aggressively pursue digital transformation initiatives. However, at the same time, customers struggle to understand which processes they should even automate,” said Kohli. “With Discovery Bot, they gain a comprehensive understanding of all business processes, can prioritize their automation backlog, and with a single click, create and deploy new bots for repeatable processes, five times faster than with traditional approaches.”