• May 26, 2024

Automation Anywhere, one of the pioneers in the robotic process automation space, announced late last week that it has established a regional headquarters in Dubai. North America dominates RPA market with 51 percent of global sales with Europe and Asia following. While adoption of RPA in the Middle East is currently low, the region is gearing up for tremendous growth.

Nearly 80 percent of companies in the gulf region said they plan to invest in RPA solutions in the next 6 to 18 months, according to a survey undertaken by IQPC, organizers of the annual Middle Eastern RPA and Intelligent Automation Forum. The survey results also said that while funding and plans are widely in place, only 20 percent of companies have chosen a vendor. That is the opportunity San Jose, Calif.-based Automation Anywhere is trying to leverage.

“This is one of our fastest growing geographies globally and we are thrilled that this new investment in people, premise and partnerships in this region will accelerate our momentum further,” said Milan Sheth, executive vice president of India Middle East and Africa for Automation Anywhere. “Over the next year, we will invest in driving localized solutions to meet unique customer needs in this region, appoint new leadership and develop new engagement models with our partners and customers.”