• June 19, 2024

Chat GPT’s generative AI technology has thrust AI to the forefront of the general public’s consciousness for the first time and businesses are jockeying to be among the first in various business verticals to leverage that attention. While AI has been part of various end-user technology for years, organizations are beginning to capitalize on audiences’ familiarity with Chat GPT specifically. RPA and other automation-related providers are part of the movement.

Most recently, RPA and intelligent automation provider Automation Anywhere announced that it has published a native integration with GPT-3 and then Chat GPT 3.5-based API’s. Automation Anywhere’s CTO Prince Kohli outlined some of what the most recent update of the integration supports and how customers have been using it to automate business processes.

“They have been innovative, using parsing, understanding, and action capabilities to automate end-to-end, long-running (sometimes continuously running) processes,” Kohli says. “Many of the powerful use cases already being investigated deal with helping our customers cope with the mountain of unstructured information that their organizations process, whether it is email communications, documents, or knowledge repositories. Consider a customer who needs to automate extracting essential invoice information from emails and then act on it. ChatGPT models can not only do this with high accuracy but can feed that information into the next automation step for end-to-end processing.”

RPA Today will continue to monitor how intelligent automation providers and consultants are using Chat GPT capabilities to enhance automations and capitalize on this moment in time as ordinary people begin to actively use AI. Check back often.