• June 20, 2024

The U.S., Asia and Europe have been the biggest markets for automation software in the past five years, but other geographic regions are emerging as growth drivers for the technology. More adoption in Saudi Arabia, for example, could boost the country’s economy by nearly $300 billion in the next decade, according to a recent report.

RPA technology provider Automation Anywhere commissioned research from global consultancy Ernst & Young showing how several RPA and AI adoption scenarios would translate into productivity gains for the Middle Eastern country.

The most conservative scenario (a 15 percent increase in adoption of intelligent automation technologies) would translate into more than $100 billion in additional GDP by 2030. The moderate scenario explored by the research posited a 30 percent increase in adoption, resulting in $184 billion more in GDP. And the most optimistic scenario assumes a 50 percent incremental gain in adoption of automation technology, which added $293 billion to Saudi Arabia’s GNP in the next decade.

“Intelligent automation will serve as a virtual workforce executing the repetitive and mundane tasks, allowing organizations to redeploy their workforce with improved skills and advanced productivity than ever before,” said Faisal Al-Rashoudi, vice president and head of Digitization and Automation at Bank Aljazira, in a statement. “Thus, we envision building a ‘Center of Excellence’ on process automation through the adoption of emerging technologies in intelligent automation to help accelerate and achieve our transformation goals and objectives in line with the overall bank’s strategy.”