• June 19, 2024

Covid-19 abruptly ended the school year for around 15 million college students in March. How they return to campuses safely for in-person classes has become one of the most intriguing questions facing U.S. families. One of the largest campuses in the U.S. will be leveraging automation from a Washington, D.C.-area company to make that happen.

The University of South Florida, with an enrollment at its Tampa campus of more than 50,000, is using a solution from Appian to help them coordinate the complexities of ensuring that many students are able to return to their studies, while complying with all medical privacy regulations.

The company’s CampusPass solution lets USF automate the collection of Covid-19-related data schools will have to obtain from each student before they can return to campus along with daily health validation the university will require and isolation protocols when Covid-19 cases are identified.

“The health and safety of students, faculty, and staff is our most important concern during this pandemic,” said Sidney Fernandes, CIO of the University of South Florida. “Coordinating and communicating across all departments and tens of thousands of students poses a significant challenge for universities, and Appian is the platform that brings us all together safely and securely.”