• June 19, 2024

The need for automation technology was made plain during the pandemic when many companies sent their workers home to work remotely. Others were part of the medical response and needed RPA and automation even more desperately. Many RPA companies stepped up during the pandemic to provide their technology or services free of charge to get healthcare professionals through the worst of the crisis.

As the pandemic still rages in some parts of the world, many of those efforts are ongoing, including Blue Prism’s Covid-19 Response Program. As part of the initiative, Blue Prism says it has donated more than 500 digital worker licenses around the world worth more than $5.5 million.

The U.K.-based company recently noted work it did with Singapore’s National University Health System, which needed to administer more than 1,000 Covid-19 tests daily. Using RPA technology, it reduced the time needed to register patients by 75 percent, saving 282 days of time in two months.

“We were able to leverage the use of Robotic Process Automation to streamline business processes and improve workflow efficiency on both the frontline, and for our back-end processes, during this challenging time for the healthcare sector,” said Lily Loo, director of National University Health System, of Blue Prism’s donated technology. “We were able to host and manage the RPA solutions in a secure environment supported by our partner, Integrated Health Information Systems and crucially, RPA has allowed us to optimize our resources to focus on supporting essential frontline Covid-19 activities.”