• May 22, 2024

London-based RPA technology provider Blue Prism reported a 46 percent increase in revenue for 2020 compared to a year earlier. A global pandemic that decimated some industries provided a boost for the RPA industry that could help organizations respond to an enormous migration to remote work and an increased need for efficiency as they were required to do more with fewer resources.

“We are building a global software company and have made a great deal of progress in the year,” said Jason Kingdon, chairman and CEO of Blue Prism. “The business demonstrated resilience and strength throughout the extraordinary events of 2020, with strong retention and an acceleration in new business in the second half. Our unique market focus on complex, enterprise-grade intelligent automation and access to cutting edge technologies via our Digital Exchange and partner network, generates significant ROI for our customers which is the foundation for us to benefit from long-term, value accretive relationships.”

Part of becoming more global could include a shift to the NASDAQ exchange, according to recent reports. Kingdon told the Times of London this week the RPA pioneer was looking to enhance its capital position in the U.S. because Americans value subscription software companies like Blue Prism more than investors in the U.K. Kingdon also echoed concerns that a post-Brexit London Stock Exchange will be diminished globally.