• May 22, 2024

Intelligent automation services provider BP3 has secured a $33 million investment from Horizon Capital. The Austin, Texas-based company said the capital infusion will enable it to accelerate organic growth and fund acquisitions. BP3 plans further growth in the intelligent automation space with a particular focus on intelligent document processing, robotic process automation, and intelligent process automation.

The services provider has made four acquisitions since it was founded in 2007. The most recent came just this August, when it acquired Agilify, an Indianapolis-based consultancy that provides advisory services and technology in the intelligent automation space.

The past two years have supercharged the automation space as companies look to build resilience into their operations and deal with more remote work environments. According to BP3 CEO Scott Francis, positioning itself for growth in the space is vital.

“The market for intelligent automation could not be in greater demand than it is right now. Staffing shortages and supply chain disruptions have only further increased the pressure to bring automation into every business,” said BP3 CEO Scott Francis. “With this investment from Horizon, BP3 will have the opportunity to grow our business rapidly.”