• June 19, 2024

Empty shelves in supermarkets have become commonplace as food and beverage suppliers struggle with global supply chain challenges. Intelligent automation solutions have been working overtime recently in the effort to unsnarl those issues, which have been plaguing businesses and consumers globally since 2020. Beer drinkers in 150 markets worldwide may be seeing an improvement, however, as Carlsberg has partnered with ABBYY to automate order and delivery processes.

Carlsberg, one of the world’s largest brewers, will use intelligent document processing from ABBYY to capture orders coming through mail and automatically route them through the beermaker’s ERP system. The company said the technology is saving eight minutes per order, resulting in 140 hours saved per month.

“We are very pleased to be able to make such a significant impact at Carlsberg. A growing number of global organizations like Carlsberg are relying on ABBYY to streamline and accelerate revenue-generating and customer-impacting processes,” said Neil Murphy, global channel chief at ABBYY. “All too often, manual processes and endless paperwork get in the way of time to value and customer satisfaction.