• June 15, 2024

In November, the introduction of and publicity surrounding ChatGPT brought generative AI into general awareness. While the excitement around the technology as an application for writers, coders and information seekers grows, how businesses might use the technology is unclear. A Brazilian company has released a software solution that combines RPA and ChatGPT to extract information and automate processes faster.

ChatGPT is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to gather, analyze and summarize information in a chat format that produces various types of written output. Sao Paolo, Brazil-based Compass UOL has integrated the two technologies resulting in a solution in which ChatGPT collects information required to complete a business process, while RPA organizes the data and uses it to perform the tasks that comprise a process.

According to Cleyton Ferreira, CTO of Compass UOL, there are certain automations that can benefit by integrating generative AI into the process, making them better and faster than using RPA alone.

“This technology offers significant additional power to cognitive and conversational interfaces, such as chatbots and voicebots,” Ferreira says. “Thus, being able to diversify their knowledge, creating applications with an even more robust knowledge base, enabling time savings, accuracy, efficiency, integration, natural interaction, technical support and constant monitoring.”