• May 29, 2024
Conduent Partners With Microsoft for Generative AI Pilots

Conduent, a New Jersey-based technology services company, just announced a partnership with Microsoft to leverage generative AI to make its clients’ operations more efficient. Generative AI is being integrated  increasingly into automation platforms to more seamlessly translate the needs of business users into action. Conduent said it will develop solutions for its clients that use Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to streamline operations for a range of business functions.

Initially, the company said it will lean on the Microsoft partnership to pilot three solutions in healthcare management, customer service and fraud detection for various clients. It will use intelligent data harvesting from healthcare claims documents for faster adjudication in one pilot. Another will leverage Azure Data Factory and Azure OpenAI Service to increase the volume and speed of fraud detection processing in payments. And the third will improve customer service agent responsiveness by using Azure AI Language Service, Azure AI Speech Service and Azure OpenAI Service.

“With a heritage built on helping our clients improve their business performance through technologies such as automation, machine learning, and digitalization, we are excited to collaborate with Microsoft to develop the next generation of business solutions that will be powered by generative AI,” said Cliff Skelton, Conduent President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are focused on harnessing the potential of generative AI to further advance our solutions and capabilities leading to improved quality, efficiency and productivity for our clients and in our own operations.”