• June 20, 2024

ConnectWise, a Florida-based software company focused on IT solution providers, recently announced it is adding process automation capabilities to its offering. The company’s Asio platform enables TSPs and MSPs meet their clients’ IT needs in a comprehensive way. According to Jason Magee, the company’s CEO, the availability of ConnectWise RPA will enable clients to reap the cost-saving, efficiency and productivity gains that users are seeing when they automate manual business processes with intelligent automation technology.

“ConnectWise has made substantial investments, particularly in how Asio has elevated the foundation to drive innovations like RPA, extensibility, and product quality at an accelerated pace,” said Magee. “The platform enables us to centralize foundational elements such as companies, contacts, devices, tickets, and APIs in ways that create amazing synergies with the world of hyperautomation. Allowing Asio to connect the physical and digital worlds in new ways that would have been very difficult or nearly impossible as independent point solutions.”

ConnectWise unveiled the new functionality at its annual user conference IT Nation Connect in Orlando.