• May 22, 2024

RPA services provider Datamatics said it will unveil a dozen automations at an upcoming trade event focused on supply chain and logistics operations.

After decades of fully stocked shelves in physical stores and decreasing delivery times for e-commerce purchases in the developed world, supply chain disruption came out of stealth mode during the Covid pandemic. Those woes continued into 2022, becoming a big part of the high inflation that dominated economic news last year. As those issues began to sort themselves out, corporate leaders planning for the next shock to their supply chains began to consider and invest more heavily in RPA and intelligent automation. In fact, a recent report noted that 72 percent of supply chain executives expect most of their processes and workflows to be automated in 3-to-5 years.

Mumbai-based Datamatics said it is responding to the increased appetite for automation with the public release of the new bots at logistics and supply chain mega event Manifest 2023 in Las Vegas this week. The bots will automate processes involving bills of lading, fuel bills and statements, vessel tracking, vehicle state license registration, shipment management, scheduling, quotes and invoices, freight rating and others.

“We’re thrilled to unveil the software bots for the logistics and supply chain industry,” said Mitul Mehta, executive vice president and global CMO at Datamatics. “With deep expertise and experience working with global logistics industry customers, Datamatics is well placed to help logistics and supply chain professionals automate their processes.”