• June 19, 2024

A Bay Area company that enables technology solutions to extend privileged access to a business’s systems says it will release a product called Intelligent Automated Auditing that will leverage AI and automation to ensure that access is only extended to authorized users.

Delinea cited an IBM study that indicates employing AI as part of an organization’s cybersecurity posture can reduce the time it takes to identify a security breach by a third, limiting damage significantly. Automating privileged access management makes identifying and responding to anomalies.

“AI-augmented functionality intelligently automates the identification of privilege abuse, reducing the risk from identity-based attacks and improving the effectiveness of IT and security teams,” said Phil Calvin, Chief Product Officer at Delinea. “Our rapid development and deployment process means we can quickly introduce and iterate on AI innovations that have a real impact for our customers.”

According to Calvin, the technology will make it possible to review thousands of remote sessions to let security teams and audit teams know where to focus their time. This speeds up detection and helps to reduce risk and limit the impact of identity-based attacks.