• April 13, 2024

By next year, the largest Asian enterprises will be directing more than half of their IT spend toward AI initiatives, according to a new report ($). Research firm IDC predicts in the report that the increased investment in AI will lead directly to a double-digit increase in product and process innovations. Seventy-six percent of Asia/Pacific respondents polled said their companies are either already investing in or are exploring the potential of generative AI technology and its use cases in their industries.

“IDC predicts that AI and automation technologies will remain central to tech investment initiatives,” says Dr. Lily Phan, research director for Intelligent Automation at IDC Asia/Pacific. “They are needed to lower operational costs, reduce staffing pressure, revamp end-user experience, and democratize decision-making power. The adaptability and efficiency offered by AI and automation solutions can provide the technologies that can mitigate staff shortage and economic challenges.”

Other key predictions for the region include:

·  In the next two years, more than two-thirds of cloud and software platform providers in Asia Pacific will address risks associated with generative AI by incorporating GenAI safety and governance packages with their primary services.

·  AI regulatory divergence across geographies will increase implementation time and effort for sensitive use cases by up to 20 percent.

·  By 2027, GenAI digital assistants will be the UI for 30 percent of interactions with enterprise software in the largest Asia/Pacific enterprises.