• April 24, 2024

Since the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022, it has been difficult to avoid breathless headlines about how generative AI will revolutionize work. A new report from AIPRM, a Philadelphia area company that provides prompt engineering for generative AI users, found that at least some of the hype has translated into action.

The AIPRM study polled 6,000 U.S. information workers and found that nearly a quarter (24 percent) use AI tools at least weekly. More than half (56 percent), on the other hand, have never used it or used it only a few times. Similar numbers were found in the finance industry—20 percent of those polled were weekly users and 57 percent used it rarely or not at all.

Among regular users, researchers found the most common task performed was writing extended prose (6.4 percent) followed by writing emails and letters (4.9 percent), translation (3.9 percent) and creating social media posts (3.2 percent).

While the study suggests we are only at the beginning of a willingness to leverage AI tools at work, it also highlights that workers are increasingly comfortable using it as they learn how it can make their jobs easier. In the intelligent automation space, demand for AI-powered intelligent automation solutions will continue growing as businesses begin to better understand the applications and the results they can achieve.