• May 25, 2024

Intelligent automation solution provider Hyperscience has acquired the German company Boxplot.

Based in Berlin, Boxplot’s technology enables organizations to visualize and understand data. Hyperscience used some of the $140 million it raised in two separate 2020 finding rounds to finance what was its first acquisition.

Hyperscience will leverage that ability in its platform that aims to enable automation of processes that require unstructured data pulled from various sources.

“At Hyperscience, we believe that machines and people work better alongside one another,” said Peter Brodsky, CEO and co-founder of Hyperscience. “This is a core tenet of what we call human centered automation. Hyperscience processes data and Boxplot stores data. The two fit together harmoniously because how data is stored determines how it can be processed, and vice versa. Importantly, Boxplot fits into our vision for how automation will play out in the future. This acquisition represents an important step forward for us and for the market. The team coming on board will fit well into Hyperscience, and continue to drive us forward to our human centered automation vision.”

Translating information into graphic form enables businesses to see how pieces of data relate to, interact with and are linked to other pieces of data, the companies said.

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.