• June 20, 2024

DeepTech is a term being used by some observers to describe the combination of advanced tools that includes artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, among others, that businesses across a range of industries are leveraging to solve complex problems.

A new report from Nasscom—the main trade association representing the tech industry in India—and global consultancy EY explores how Indian tech companies are utilizing different aspects of Deeptech. According to Breaking Ground: unravelling the DeepTech potential in Indian B2B SaaS, organziations that deliver software-as-a-service solutions to business customers are “inherently DeepTech and AI-centric,” but they can leverage these technologies even further.

“DeepTech has the potential to profoundly propel India’s growing digital economy by creating a seismic transformation across all facets of the nation’s narrative,” said Sangeeta Gupta, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Nasscom. “Empowered by the growing democratization and accessibility of deep technologies, Indian B2B SaaS enterprises are poised to seize a prominent role in the global B2B tech landscape. As we move ahead, prioritizing innovative and inventive DeepTech and at the same time addressing the growth impediments will be fundamental in building a globally competitive and the most attractive DeepTech-led B2B SaaS destination in the world.”

Respondents of the survey identified more than 109 use cases their customers were leveraging using DeepTech. Intelligent automation was cited as the third most common after AI/ML and big data/descriptive analytics.

Download a copy of the report here.