• June 14, 2024

Nearly every IT department (98 percent) polled in a recent survey said they are experiencing some degree of challenge with digital transformation efforts. The report, from Salesforce’s MuleSoft unit said 80 percent of those IT executives cited data silos as a concern, making integrating AI into those businesses challenging. To unlock AI’s potential, including leveraging it in intelligent automation solutions, businesses need to eliminate those silos separating their data systems.

The 2023 MuleSoft Connectivity Benchmark Report looks at how organizations can use integration, automation, and APIs to build successful AI strategies.

One of the challenges facing businesses that want to take more advantage of automation, according to the report, is that IT departments are still cautious about giving unfettered access to non-technical business line users. Nearly two-thirds of automations are managed centrally by IT. Despite keeping that responsibility largely within IT, those teams are struggling to keep up. The MuleSoft report found only 22 percent of IT leaders who are responsible for helping business users integrate apps and data sources are fulfilling that role completely.