• April 24, 2024

Lydonia Technologies, an intelligent automation services provider, recently announced it has become a UiPath Platinum Partner. The Westwood, Mass-based company joins the swelling ranks of organizations dedicated to providing advice and expertise to end users across a growing number of verticals guiding them on technology solutions, implementation strategies and other strategies around automating their business processes.

Lydonia, like many businesses offering consulting services in the automation space, has partnered with a range of companies that provide automation related technologies so they can build solutions for clients. It provides services to end users in several sectors including financial services, energy, insurance, healthcare and others.

“Being named a Platinum Partner of UiPath is a tremendous honor for Lydonia Technologies,” said Kevin Scannell, CEO of Lydonia Technologies. “This recognition reflects our steadfast commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and driving digital transformation while delivering exceptional business outcomes for organizations of all sizes. We will leverage the advantages of our platinum partnership with UiPath to accelerate our customers’ and prospects’ growth, enabling them to achieve even greater business outcomes than ever before.”

Lydonia has been providing services to intelligent automation users since 2019.