• June 19, 2024

New research indicates there is significant interest among healthcare professionals in using RPA to automate repetitive back office tasks, but also that not many have done so yet. Only 23 percent of healthcare executives are prepared to invest in artificial intelligence and robotic process automation right now, but half expect to do so in the next two years, according to a report from Olive AI, a company that serves the healthcare industry with AI and RPA solutions.

Not only is leadership at hospitals not ready to invest in RPA, only half said they were even aware of what RPA is and well over half were unable to name any vendor or solution in the space.

“As an industry, healthcare is united by a mission to deliver better patient care, and a huge barrier to delivering that promise is the challenge that one in every three dollars is spent on administrative expenses. Imagine what could be done if more resources were available to focus on patient care,” said Rebecca Hellmann, chief marketing officer of Olive. “With AI becoming more mainstream and offering a clearer path to value, hospitals no longer need to build out a massive technological infrastructure before benefiting from the efficiencies that it can create.”