• June 20, 2024

Microsoft announced that it will make its flagship RPA product, which it unveiled at a splashy November announcement, has pegged April 2 as the date UI flows will be available worldwide. It also revealed pricing information for different kinds of RPA capability.

At Ignite 2019, Microsoft rebranded Microsoft Flow as Power Automate to align with its Power Platform and added UI flow so it would have an offering in one of the fastest growing technology spaces in business today. In the most recent announcement, Microsoft CVP of Citizen Application Program Charles Lamanna said in a blog post.

“The key Power Automate capabilities we are announcing today include RPA general availability for attended and unattended scenarios, along with a flexible business model to support any business scenario,” Lamanna said.

Users will be able to employ UI flows in attended and unattended scenarios. Microsoft said it has priced attended RPA at $40 per user per month with the understanding that a human is involved to some degree with the bot’s activities. Unattended RPA can be added to the Attended RPA per-user plan or the existing per-flow plan for Power Automate. Each unattended RPA bot is priced at $150 per month.