• June 20, 2024

Microsoft India has launched a public preview of a new desktop-based RPA solution. The company said Power Automate Desktop expands its low-code capabilities enabling those without coding skills to automate repetitive, manual business processes.

In a statement, Microsoft India’s Executive Director of Cloud Solutions alluded to the Covid-19 pandemic and organizations’ race to implement automation in the face of an uncertain business and labor environment.

“Organizations and IT departments are seeking ways to quickly adapt to the unprecedented pace of change across every industry around the world,” said Irina Ghose for Microsoft India. “With Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, we aim to empower organizations to automate tasks across the desktop and Web, using an integrated platform to complete tasks at speed and scale. Organizations can minimize human errors, simplify workflows, reduce maintenance effort and cost, and improve scalability while ensuring security. This will play a vital role in transforming and reimagining their businesses in the new normal.”

The company said Power Desk Automate enables unattended and attended automations with a visual designer that makes it easy to use.