• April 25, 2024

Newgen Software this week announced it has integrated RPA capability into its low-code process automation platform.  The New Delhi, India-based business process management, enterprise content management and document management system technology provider said RPA is one of the prime drivers of a hyperautomation philosophy but said it must exist in an environment that benefits from orchestration between various technologies.

“RPA has been one of the key enablers of Hyperautomation over the last four to five years, and global enterprises have invested in personal task automation tools in a big way. However, enterprises and analysts have realized that personal/task automation that does not have access to business applications, process models, and work automation can deliver limited results. As a result, nearly all vendors are trying to acquire BPM platforms and force-fit/integrate RPA into them. With our new RPA engine, they can now add “bots” to the process orchestration journey and supplement human agents to accelerate business processes, address real-life problems, and achieve efficiencies like never before.”

The company said integration into a business process management platform enables access to “decision tables, business rules, [and] process data” standalone RPA software does not, making communication among legacy apps flow more freely.