• April 12, 2024

Digital transformation technology provider Newgen Software recently unveiled the most recent version of its OmniXtract intelligent document extraction solution.

The McLean, Va.-based company said its OmniXtract 4.0 software uses AI and machine learning to extract information from documents with more accuracy and in a way that makes it easier for users to operate. In addition to more accurate AI-driven data extraction, the upgraded release includes a studio that enables more collaboration, real-time monitoring and enhanced access control to each software module.

“Today, the volume of documents continues to skyrocket, presenting significant hurdles for enterprises to seek crucial insights,” said Varun Goswami, vice president of Product Management at Newgen Software. “The latest version of OmniXtract with AI/ML capabilities automates document-centric processes, enabling enterprises to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and accelerate digital initiatives.”