• June 15, 2024

RPA technology provider NICE unveiled a new version of its RPA platform that includes several upgrades to its NICE Employee Virtual Attendant (NEVA) including embedded on-screen web callouts that make NICE’s unattended automation solution more frictionless for human users. NICE RPA version 7.7 will also feature an AI-powered insights dashboard and a built-in “watchdog” that identifies disruptions in automations and makes suggestions for repairing them.

“Smart AI, which underpins our most powerful NEVA features, needs to be leveraged to successfully handle customer scenarios in real time by empowering service agents to become more in tune with each customer’s unique needs,” said Barry Cooper, president of NICE Enterprise Group. “It is also the key to the continuous improvement and growth of process automations with NICE RPA, which in turn supports business continuity and enhances both employee and customer experiences.”

NICE’s platform has always provided contact center agents with real-time, next-best-action guidance.  The company said the new user interface is embedded in a prominent on-screen location in call center applications used by employees every day, ensuring a seamless, consistent end-to-end experience.