• April 20, 2024

The eHealth Center of Excellence, a private, non-profit organization based in Canada that provides digital tools and expertise for physicians, announced the most recent feature to emerge from its eCE Automates division for primary care doctors.

The organization cited a 2023 report from the Ontario College of Family Physicians that found 65 percent of family doctors in Canada are considering leaving the profession, partly because the amount of time they are required to spend on administrative tasks is eating into their ability to provide care.

The RPA bot launched by eCE Automates, called “Poppy,” support clinics with population health management related to cancer screenings. It automatically identifies patients who may be due or overdue for cancer screenings, prioritizes outreach, schedules appointments and more. This process removes the administrative burden from family doctors and their teams while ensuring patients are receiving proactive care.

“Administrative work has become a significant obstacle in delivering quality patient care,” remarks Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia, CEO at eHealth Centre of Excellence. “As a practicing family doctor myself, I understand firsthand the pain points in current clinical workflows. Our mission is to streamline these workflows, allowing clinicians to reclaim valuable time back to focus on patient care interactions and their own well-being.”