• June 19, 2024

OpenBots, a New Jersey-based open-source RPA provider that launched its platform in November 2020, announced its first major update. The company, whose suite includes studio, server and discovery software that enable companies to build and manage RPA bots for free in an open-source environment, said it is launching two new products in addition to the release of its Version 1.8.

One is the public preview of OpenBots Business Center, which enables Human-in-the-Loop automation by creating work items and approvals for business users to perform alongside their automations. Also, OpenBots Assistant replaces OpenBots Agent. The company said it simplifies the overall automation experience for non-technical users.

The new version of Studio features a new suite of time-saving commands including setting the state message of a queue item during processing and encrypting queue item payloads and their attachments for secure processing.

“The RPA market was a natural fit for an open-source model since, unlike other enterprise software, most commercial RPA software requires extensive implementation, maintenance and support services on top of license costs,” said OpenBots CTO Ashish Nangla, at the company’s 2020 launch.