• April 13, 2024

Process automation technology provider Pegasystems recently announced it has acquired Brazilian process mining startup Everflow. Pega is only the most recent RPA, intelligent automation or hyperautomation vendor to seek out process intelligence capability as an indispensable value add. The list of companies in the space that have added process mining via acquisition include ABBYY, Appian, Automation Anywhere, IBM, Microsoft and SAP, among others.

In its announcement, Pega noted that combining forces with process mining pureplays makes sense for RPA and IA providers because while the technology can identify problems, it can’t execute on any solutions unless paired with automation capability.

“When combined with our intelligent low-code platform, Everflow will help Pega root out business process inefficiencies from end to end in even the largest and most complex enterprises,” said Alan Trefler, founder and CEO of Pega. “We know that digital transformation never stops, and this unique and powerful software combination will allow for continuous improvement in a time of continuous change.”

For companies considering RPA or other automation initiatives, process mining is becoming an indispensable companion technology. While governance, design, executive buy-in and cross-departmental cooperation are all important to successful process automation implementations, identifying the right processes to automate in the first place is critical. Increasingly, RPA and intelligent automation providers are adding process mining technology to ensure they can offer users fully rounded product offerings.

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.