• June 15, 2024

Intelligent automation technology provider Pegasystems is following the playbook established by many software firms in the space by expanding its platform to include process mining capability.

Process mining is closely related to organizations’ efforts to automate business processes because it enables them to more easily identify suitable processes for automation, uncovers inefficiencies and bottlenecks that can be addressed through automation and monitors automated processes, providing insights into their performance, compliance, and exceptions.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Pega said low-code technology the company inherited when it acquired Everflow last summer has been integrated into the Pega Platform along with generative AI APIs. The platform now will enable business line users to more accurately map and model the current state of its processes and identify bottlenecks, reworks, nonconformances, and other pain points that slow them down, according to Eric Musser, general manager of intelligent automation at Pega.

“To ensure an exceptional experience for your customers and employees, workflow optimization must be an ongoing pursuit and not just an occasional effort,” Musser said. “But today’s process mining tools and methods are too cumbersome and time consuming to perform on a regular basis. Pega Process Mining makes it more accessible for anyone in the business to quickly and easily root out process inefficiencies. This helps organizations continuously optimize their employee and customer experiences and brings them one step closer to becoming an autonomous enterprise.”