• June 20, 2024

For companies considering RPA, process mining is becoming an indispensable companion technology. While governance, design, executive buy-in and cross-departmental cooperation are all important to successful RPA implementations, identifying the right processes to automate in the first place is critical. Increasingly, companies are employing process mining technology to optimize the effectiveness of their RPA programs.

According to Process Mining & RPA: The Perfect Marriage, a new guide from process mining technology provider Minit, process mining details exactly how a company’s processes really work, providing an “as is” map they can use to not only identify likely candidates for automation, but also use to monitor the effectiveness of RPA on those processes.

“RPA provides clear and tangible benefits that organizations can build upon to further serve their customers and, eventually, increase their revenues,” the report’s authors write. “However, any RPA initiative without previous process analysis is most often doomed to fail. Therefore, Process Mining is a necessary step towards understanding processes, their variants and deviations thoroughly, which later leads to a successful RPA implementation and thriving businesses.”

Download the free guide here.