• June 19, 2024

Several organizations made announcements in the past week unveiling new or updated RPA or automation solutions or partnerships.

Process intelligence provider ABBYY and Bizagi, a software provider that enables companies to integrate various RPA vendors, including Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UiPath and others, announced a partnership. Under the agreement, Bizagi will provide a connector to its customers, enabling access to process intelligence from ABBYY. Both companies said financial services, manufacturing and the public sector are the industries seeing the most action in the RPA space, but they hope to expand to more industry verticals in 2021.

London-based RPA technology provider Blue Prism this week launched a suite of tools it says will make it easier for companies to unlock the efficiencies they can gain with automation. The Automation Lifecycle Suite includes tools to manage an organization’s overall RPA lifecycle and identifying processes along with others to provide process mapping and intelligence services. Blue Prism said the suite of tools will help “support a holistic view of an organization’s potential automation pipeline, while maintaining the critical aspects of ensuring proper oversight and control.”

RPA provider NICE said it has partnered with Symphony in an effort to speed up the delivery and implementation of its automation solution in contact centers. According to the announcement, NICE will integrate Symphony’s design and implementation methodologies into the process of onboarding NEVA, its attended RPA solution. The partnership will enable contact center operators to leverage RPA in conjunction with their agents for more efficient customer interactions.

Also this week, New York City-based RPA technology provider UiPath announced the next generation of its UiPath Automation Platform. The platform features new low-code capabilities the company said will make developing RPA bots faster and easier. New features of the platform include UiPath Apps, which enables users to build and deploy bots using a drag-and-drop interface; and an expansion of capabilities available to customers who access UiPath technology via the cloud, including RPA management, AI, data storage and low-code apps.