• April 13, 2024

Large organizations globally have adopted RPA to squeeze productivity, efficiency and cost-savings out of the operations, including many in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. According to a new report, however, after finding initial success, businesses in the APAC region are struggling to find high-value processes to automate. According to Asia Pacific Predictions 2023, a new report from global consultancy Forrester on the biggest challenges and opportunities in the region next year, using process intelligence to get the most out of RPA and intelligent automation initiatives will be one of the most important trends of 2023.

The report notes that APAC currently represents about 11 percent of process intelligence software sales globally. In 2023, Forrester expects firms to apply the technology to revive up to 20 percent of RPA implementations that are not producing expected ROI.

“Modern task- and process-mining tools help aggregate data from application event logs, patterns from employees’ desktop interactions, and context from work communications and then apply machine learning and visualizations to blend data and surface insights,” the report’s authors wrote. Firms use these insights to optimize work, improve processes, and identify automation opportunities and reinvigorate stalled or flatlining RPA programs.”