• May 22, 2024

While RPA specialists blazed trails a half decade ago when the technology first emerged, a recent survey by HFS Research shows the inroads large enterprise software companies have made recently in the RPA and intelligent automation space.

The U.K.-based consultancy polled 400 companies that have showed leadership in implementing automation software globally. When asked who their “primary automation suppliers” are right now, nearly 30 percent indicated New York City-based UiPath. The next two, however, are enterprise software giants that have only recently added RPA and other process automation software to their lineups.

Twenty-three percent cited Microsoft, which acquired Greek RPA technology provider Softomotive in 2020, as one of their primary providers, while SAP, which has also been active in acquiring automation companies, was identified by 22 percent of respondents (the same share as RPA pioneer Blue Prism).

RPA specialists Automation Anywhere (chosen by 21 percent) and Pegasystems (20 percent) were the others cited by at least one-fifth of respondents. Other companies identified in the poll include NICE, AntWorks, EdgeVerve, Redwood, WorkFusion, Hyland, Arago, Datamatics, Ipsoft, Kryon, Kofax, Intellibot and Jacada.