• May 22, 2024

A recent poll of SAP ERP users finds many are interested in leveraging intelligent automation to increase productivity and reduce downtime in their application. Digitate, a technology services provider, and ASUG, the largest network of SAP customers and partners in the U.S., which conducted the Evaluating Automation and SAP Transformations survey, found less than half of respondents (42 percent) feel their organizations aren’t leveraging SAP automation solutions as much as they could.

“Users across the SAP landscape are looking for technology optimizations to reduce their challenges of scale, speed, and performance – and this is confirmed by the findings of the survey,” said Ugo Orsi, Chief Customer Officer at Digitate. “We have applied AI/ML and automation to SAP operations across the IT and business landscape and helped enable digital transformation across many of the major global enterprises.”

The survey also found only 15 percent of those polled are currently using AI/ML, but a third are considering implementing it in some way. And, because executives understand automation will reduce the amount of time spent on manual patch upgrades, the survey found reducing manual processes is the top-ranked initiative needed to improve SAP operations.