• June 19, 2024

Organizations are missing a key opportunity to leverage software as their workforces return to the office in a post-Covid environment, according to a new survey from automation technology provider Appian and LeadToMarket Research.

While nearly all companies are following well-established tactical procedures to make their physical workplace safer (requiring masks, limiting capacity, sanitizing surfaces and conducting daily health screenings, etc.), only 11 percent are upgrading automation software that would enable them to effectively implement, track and manage these policies, according to the human resources professionals working for enterprises polled in the Covid-19 HR Survey: Returning the Workforce to the Workplace report.

According to Appian CEO Matt Calkins, large organizations trying to ensure their employees’ health need the help software can provide for these tasks.

“Software is essential for a safe return to the workplace,” says Calkins. “When dealing with the health and well-being of hundreds or thousands of people, businesses need the speed that software delivers in tracking daily health updates, monitoring test results, identifying potential exposures, and conducting contact tracing.”

Results of the survey indicate corporations are not currently recognizing that need. The survey found 97 percent of HR professionals polled felt they don’t need to invest in technology to aid a safe return to work.