• June 19, 2024

Cheaper, more convenient, more efficient. Businesses are responding to these consumer demands by accelerating their shift toward digital transformation. And, according to a new report from data and analytics firm SAS, the only way to deliver on these experiences is to streamline their processes and employ automation at scale across their businesses.

In Hyperautomation: Using AI to Transform Your Business,  SAS polled consumers in the U.K. and Ireland and found 64 percent of respondents said competitive pricing was the biggest driver when choosing a retailer, followed by convenience (59 percent and speed of service (51 percent). But more than 56 percent also said they only want their experience to be faster if businesses can also guarantee no mistakes.

“The case for hyperautomation – as opposed to simple automation of repetitive processes – in this context couldn’t be clearer: it draws together digital operating systems, workflow, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence to deliver high value autonomous processes through intelligent decisions,” the report’s authors wrote.

Hyperautomation can help businesses overcome a number of obstacles. A range of sectors face rising costs, alongside increasing customer expectations, the report said, and implementing a hyperautomation philosophy can help them remain competitive.

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