• June 15, 2024

A recent survey focused on the Netherlands found nearly eight of ten executives in that country have high trust in AI and 85 percent plan to increase the amount they invest in AI and automation technologies.

The survey, fielded by Dutch AI and automation services provider Klippa, asked 100 C-suite executives in the Netherlands their opinions on various issues affecting their operations. The biggest concern of respondents was their difficulty finding quality workers, perhaps explaining why so many are considering the advanced technology. Seventeen percent plan to increase their investment in AI-driven productivity tools by 40 to 80 percent. Another 17 percent plan to at least double their investment in AI and automation.

Of those business leaders who are more hesitant to spend on new technology solutions, nearly a third (29 percent) cite not enough time or the right personnel for proper implementation, a quarter pointed to costs, 16 percent expressed concerns about the maturity of the technology and six percent said they are encountering internal resistance to the idea.