• May 22, 2024

A Houston-based technology consultancy, along with a software provider have published a guide for RPA users who plan to leverage the technology in an IBM mainframe environment. One of the challenges for companies that want to automate business processes using RPA is a tension that tends to arise between business units that are able to develop and use RPA software outside such an environment, and IT professionals trying to maintain the integrity of their systems.

The two companies, Element Blue and HostBridge, formed a joint practice to produce the Guide to UiPath Mainframe Integration. The guide offers an alternative to companies that are using terminal emulation and screen scraping when RPA bots are used in a mainframe environment.

“In our experience, enterprises that implement RPA often deploy automations that interact with mainframe applications,” said Steven Gerhardt, CEO and managing partner of Element Blue. “As RPA activity to the mainframe scales, the cost and inefficiencies of screen scraping can increase exponentially. This guide will help any UiPath customer whose automation projects need to interface with mainframe applications.”

Download the guide here