• June 15, 2024

The distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine in the U.S. has had well publicized hiccups to start, but organizations that have found themselves responsible for “getting shots into arms” without clear guidance from governments are turning to automation and RPA to help facilitate the process.

Screening for eligibility, delivery logistics and matching supply to demand are areas where RPA already has been deployed. Several companies have announced initiatives publicly to help with vaccine distribution, with others presumably already working or planning similar efforts.

In December, Automation Anywhere announced it had adapted a flu-reporting bot developed in collaboration with a U.K. hospital system that has been able to track Covid-19 vaccinations for its staff. A Bay-area AI technology provider for health care organizations called Notable Health recently updated its platform to automatically search for eligible unvaccinated patients and provide them information on how to get vaccinated.

Companies like these and others are now being tasked to apply RPA as they extract data from disparate systems while trying to spin up a vaccination infrastructure from scratch that will get the most people protected in the shortest period of time.