• June 20, 2024

While it is easy to see the need for robotic process automation in industries like financial services or insurance, others are not as readily apparent. But, niche providers continue to build RPA solutions for unlikely applications.

Yesterday, an Israeli company unveiled a solution to automate the process of properly diagnosing arterial stenoses and help cardiologists assess the severity of their patients’ condition so they can properly treat them.

The technology, developed by Tel Aviv-based MedHub, was tested at a hospital in the city and is entering clinical trials. The company expects it to reduce unnecessary stent placements, which are costing health care systems billions annually.

“As interventional cardiologists performing catheterizations on a daily basis, we face significant challenges in accurate diagnosis of cardiac disease that stem from difficulty in precisely assessing the severity of a patient’s condition and in making the appropriate connections between a patient’s complaints and the subsequent diagnosis.” said Dr. Edward Koifman, a senior cardiologist at Soroka Medical Center, and CMO of MedHub. “AI is revolutionizing medicine. We are already seeing its impact on diagnosis and treatment precision in a variety of medical fields. I believe that this kind of technology will assist cardiologists in the decision-making process when determining the best course of action.”