• May 22, 2024

The processes that RPA can ably assist with cross an incredibly wide—and sometimes surprising—range. That range has given rise to opportunities in virtually every business vertical, which has led to startups and growth in some very specialized areas within the RPA space. New York City-based TMRW claims that the business ecosystem surrounding in vitro fertilization will benefit from its RPA platform—the first developed specifically for that industry. The venture capital community agreed to the tune of $12 million in a Series A investment.

TMRW’s platform is specifically programmed to automate manual processes in fertility labs surrounding the identification, freezing and storage of reproductive cells and embryos. The company says this enables a “digital chain of custody” that will be vital to the short- and long-term cryostorage enabling hundreds of millions of births via IVF therapies in the coming decades.

“Fertility and population experts agree that by the end of the century, over 200 million people will be born through IVF. TMRW is committed to advancing technology that ensures this extraordinary demand can be safely met by fertility clinicians,” said Joshua Abram, co-founder of TMRW. “This capital will help us refine our technology, further expand our board and executive leadership team and make our technology available to fertility clinics worldwide.”